Description Type Included (Y/N)
Paper Guide FabricAccessoryYes
Spool HoldersAccessoryYes
Power CableAccessoryYes
2x Uper Bracing BarsAccessoryYes
Black InkAccessoryYes
6x M6 ScrewsAccessoryYes
Yellow InkAccessoryYes
Right Stand LegAccessoryYes
Software discAccessoryYes
3x Lower Bracing BarsAccessoryYes
6x Paper GuardsAccessoryYes
Matte Black InkAccessoryYes
Paper StablizerAccessoryYes
Cyan InkAccessoryYes
Stablizing RidgeAccessoryYes
Magenta InkAccessoryYes
Left Stand LegAccessoryYes
User GuideDocumentYes

Unit opened, power tested only. Left side of bottom panel has cracks in housing.

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